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Special Service

We love what we do. As result, that shows in the services we deliver. We focus on eyelash services and surpass all your expectations. we don’t believe in offering just a basic set of services; we are investing heavily in our techniques to offer reliable services to you as someone who cares about their beauty regimen. Our experts are highly and are eager to share their expertise with others. Our specialized services are second to none.

This is absolutely achievable with any of our many eyelash extensions and enhancement services.


Special Service

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Eyelash Extensions

Are you ready for a customized eyelash extension set that will boost your confidence and save you much time daily?

Take a nap and wake up gorgeous!  

A beautiful lady with long red hair showing off her beautiful eyelash tinting

Eyelash Lift

The perfect yet low maintenance service that makes your lashes popping’ every day.

Pretty girl with long red hair showing off her beautiful eyelash lift

Eyelash Tint

There no point coating your pretty lashes with mascara. Get them a glow and noticeable with a long-lasting tint

beautiful young and confident girl showing off her newly waxed eyebrows and facial

Facial Waxing

Brow on sleek! You got it with our gentle and customizable waxing experience that unique for you. We got you from your brow to your peach puzz!

A yellow rubber duck in a bubble bath

Bubble Lash Bath

A closeup look of a professional lash artist removing eyelash extension off an eyelash

Eyelash Extension Removal



We have Street Parking & Visitor Parking available for you.

[ WEEKDAYS ] – from 9A – 5P: We recommend to use the Street Parking as it will be the most convenient for you. We also have Visitor Parking at the back of the building but it will be a bit harder to find an empty sport during those busy hours.

[ WEEKEND ] – Street Parking or Visitor Parking in the back of the building are always available.

**NOTE: Please use the Side Entrance as illustrated in this picture
**NOTE: Please use the Side Entrance as illustrated in this picture

Classic Lashes – The esthetician will place one extension on one natural lash.

Volume Lashes – The esthetician will create a handmade fan with 3-5 finer extensions. So, the fan gives more coverage and making the lashes appear fluffy. They all come with different length and thickness and curvature.

~ It is depending on the shape of your eyes and the shape of your face. The esthetician will recommend the style that fits you best.

No worry, we are here to help. The patch test service is recommended to all first-timer, especially clients with sensitive skin. This test will help us find out if you are a candidate for Eyelash Extensions.

The patch test is a shorter version of a full set. We will place several extensions on each eye and wait for 24-48 hours to see if there is any allergic reaction might occur. However, this service doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have an allergic reaction due to minimal exposure. But it gives you a good idea of the procedure.

~ On the day of your lash appointment, please try to come in with eye makeup-free or mascara free to ensure the best bonding. Be sure to use the restroom before the services because it will take some time to complete the procedure.

During the service, all you have to do is relax and take a nap, minimal eye movement or facial expressions to prevent the eyes pad from moving. Also, keep your eyes closed at all times until the esthetician completes the service. Let the esthetician know if any discomfort feeling (usually there isn’t, but on the safe side please inform the esthetician if you feel anything uncomfortable), so we can help and adjust accordingly.

Afterward, the esthetician will walk you through the proper aftercare so you know how to take care of the lashes.

Eyelash Extensions last about 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare. However, as the natural lashes shedding. You are expected to lose about 3-5 lashes daily. Then new lashes will continue to grow back and shed again. We recommend for you to come in every 2-3 weeks between initial appointment to get a re-fill to maintain the long and full looking lashes line.

At the refill appointment, we will remove the outgrown extensions and replace them with the new ones.

In case you don’t want to maintain the extension, you could let the Eyelash Extension slowly fall off on their own or you can book a “Lash Removal” appointment with us to have a professional remove the Eyelashes Extension for you.

After the service, you would want to keep them dry for the next 24 hours, avoid swimming, spay tanning, sauna, intensive work out activities.

Cleaning the lashes daily with lash shampoo (water alone is not enough). Brush them daily as needed. Avoid wearing mascara with lash extensions. Refill every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness. For the best retention, it is 50% of the esthetician’s responsibility to deliver a safe, hygiene, and good application. It is also 50% of the client’s responsibility to take care of the lashes with the aftercare instructions.

~ Let’s take care of our investment. ❤️

We recommend to gently remove your make up, wash your face, and avoid the eyes area before washing the lashes.

Here are the 5 simple steps to clean your lashes.

  1. Using the clean, soft eyes shadow brush to pick up the foam or liquid lash cleanser
  2. Clean the lashes with downward motion together with a little zigzag motion on one eye at the time.
  3. Rise 3-4 times with water.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Pat dry with a paper towel, then brush them thoroughly and let them air dry

We recommended cleaning your lashes even though you don’t wear any makeup at all.

Our body secretes natural oil naturally to nourish hairs and lashes. The oil builds up tends to break down the adhesive fast. Also, that natural oil built up and mix with dead skin cells can cause problematic issue such as:

  • Eyelash Extensions fall out faster
  • Blepharitis – Inflammation of the eyelids
  • Eyes irritation
  • In severe case, eyes infection

Ps… we don’t want any of those happen to you. Please, wash your lash regularly.

We recommend you clean your lashes even though you don’t wear any makeup at all. Our body secretes natural oil naturally to nourish hairs and lashes. It best to use the shampoo that specifically designed for eyelash extension. This would help to remove the natural oil without interfering with the adhesive bonding and this will improve the retention. This means the extension can stay on longer. Water alone doesn’t wash off the excess oils and dead skin buildup

Yes, you can. Hooray!! — But make sure you wash them nightly with a lash cleanser.

For washing lashes instructions please search and read [How do I clean my lashes?] on the FAQ section. We recommend felt tip liquid eyeliner that is not waterproof. They can be easily removed by a lashes cleanser.

Our goal is to deliver good services. Feel free to speak with the esthetician regarding your retention issue. We will work with you, troubleshooting from the skincare routine, aftercare, skincare product, and lifestyle to recommend changes that could still fit your lifestyle and improve retention. It is a win-win.

The answer is – No. when the Eyelash Extensions are properly applied. When you come to Lash Dreamer, the esthetician will examine your natural lashes to recommend a lash design with the correct length, weight, and curve that will enhance and highlight your beauty features.

~ Keeping your lashes healthy while still giving you your ideal look is our best interest.

Yes, we fill in other artist’s work as long as they were properly applied, which means the extension is easy to brush through and comfortable to wear and not clumpy.

However, if you have a bad application on (all the lashes stuck together, and too much of bad adhesive), then we will have to do a “Lash Removal” and start fresh with a full set again. This helps to keep your natural lashes healthy. As the lashes grow and shed with different cycles. One growing lashes can pull out the other baby lashes. If this happens over the time it would cause lashes damaging, and thinning due to bad application.

Unfortunately, if you have very little to no extension left, we would recommend booking a full set Eyelash Extension (Classic Full Set/ Volume Full Set). This is to ensure our estheticians have enough time to perform the services and deliver the look that you preferred.

Technically, yes, you can. However, we recommend to book for the right fill services, and that will give our estheticians enough time to perform the services and deliver the look that you preferred.

Absolutely, Yes you can. If you don’t like the set you have on, or they were poorly applied, we recommend for a Lash Removal and start with a fresh set to prevent future lash damage.

Unfortunately, if you have an allergy reaction to Eyelash Extension before, we do not recommend to continue getting the service.

The reaction will get worst, the more you expose to the allergen. Once you are allergic to the Eyelash Extension we do not continue providing the services for your best interest.

To keep up with the Lashing industry, Lash Dreamer’s estheticians do yearly training to update our knowledge and skills to keep up with the most updated information and technique in the industry. As far as we know, there isn’t a sensitive adhesive for eyelash extensions on the market. They all have a main bonding ingredient which is medical grade cyanoacrylate. If you had an allergic reaction to Eyelash Extensions adhesive before, you would likely have an allergic reaction again. In that case, we do not recommend to continue getting the service as the reaction could get worst over time.

We use varieties of adhesive in our lashing practices. It is to combat the ever-changing weather in New England to ensure the best retention. All of the adhesives come from a good reputable brand such as Lash Affair, Lash Box LA, and Lash Dreamer. They are medical adhesive, and safe for eyelash extensions.

We have our own lashes, they are synthetic which made of Polly fiber very soft that mimic the natural lashes. They come with many different curves, lengths, and thicknesses, that allow the esthetician customized design the style that looks best on you.

Yes, we do – Refer a friend, and once they visit for a service, your friend would get – $10 referral credit towards the service (exclude products). Also, you would get a $10 referral credit towards your next service

Lash Lift – used to be called Lash Perm before. This service helps the lashes stay curve up and Tinted black for 6-8 weeks. So, you don’t have to worry about eyelash curler and apply Mascara daily. This service comes with a low or no maintenance in between, it is recommended that you can get them every 6-8 weeks but not earlier than 4 weeks in between services.

Yes, the service is safe. At Lash Dreamer, our estheticians went through intensive training to ensure the delivery of safe and most importantly hygienic service. The solution is very gentle and specially designed for lashes. We are carrying One Shot Lash Lift from Elleebana which was well known for Lash Lift and Tint.

You want to keep the last dry for the next 24 hours after getting the service done. Sleep on you back that night. Use non-waterproof mascara if you would like (non-waterproof can be easily removed if you want to add a little more dramatic effect) remove makeup or mascara gently with rolling outward and downward motion.

Eyelash Extension or Lash Lift and Tint are generally safe for everyone. But once you are pregnant, you would be more sensitive than other times. The other concerns that it might be hard for you to lay on your back for long. We always have a client lay on the side and switch once a while during service to ensure comfort.


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